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5 Countries, 5574km and we made it!

Well anyway, first off, our apologies for the very belated blog. Yes, we’ve finished the cycling, all 5574km of it on the 2nd January! We’re now in Buenos Aires the capital of Argentina catching up with the journal having rested here (deservedly so) for almost two weeks now ,and my how time flies! Our last entry saw us make Rio … Read More

Racing Rudolph

So, idea was to rest for a couple of days in El Chalten and then push on south to El Calafate where we would spend Christmas and see the Perito Moreno Glacier. Unfortunately, the stress and physical exertion getting to El Chalten from Chile seemed to take its toll on me and triggered all the symptoms of Guardia, a nasty … Read More

Grating Expectations

After our extra rest day with Tomoko and Fred we knew that we wouldn’t make Villa O’Higgins in time for the Saturday ferry that would take us through to Argentina, but didn’t really mind as we were looking forward to a few days of sleep-ins, Internet and good eating. Ha! What dream world WERE we living in? Villa O’Higgins is … Read More

The end of the line

So we’re nearly ending our amazing journey down the Carretera Austral a 1000km road that leads to nowhere but a place called Villa O’Higgins. Villa O’Higgins was only recently connected to Chile back in 2000 when engineers completed the final 100km section from Puerto Yungay. I can only describe this place as the arse end of nowhere, which is far … Read More

Blood, Sweat & Tears

Since leaving Trevelin the roads have turned Bolivian and the weather decidedly Chilean (readers, that means wet, wet and wetter).  There has been blood, sweat and tears; blood from the wrist (no I haven’t slashed them yet) caused by a fall on gravel roads, twice; sweat – think Gortex and boil in the bag rice; tears caused partly by the … Read More

Leaving the lakes

So leaving Bariloche was good, and about time too. We had spent too much time there and money, as you do when you’re bored and just waiting for the bikes to be ready. The trailer we bought over the phone from Buenos Aires turned out to be pretty crap, as it failed to connect to the bike in a satisfactory … Read More

A Cycling Interlude

  Well, here we are in Bariloche biding our time waiting for new rims and a bike trailer to come from Buenos Aires and the wheels to be rebuilt.  We are hopeful that new rims and a trailer (to redistribute weight) will ensure no more problems with punctures and spokes.  Fingers crossed and stay tuned for updates on that one!  … Read More

Four Seasons in One Day

 October 24th – 31st: Confluencia – Villa Traful (34km) – Villa Angostura (68km) – Bariloche (86km) Argentina would have to be one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited.  The scenery in the last few days has been almost Tolken-like and the grandness is breathtaking.  I don’t think our readers at home could possibly comprehend the beauty of … Read More

One wheel on my wagon…

October 17th – 23rd: Malargue  – Bardas Blancas (67km) – El Zampal (98km) – Ranquil de Norte (32km) – Buta Ranquil (64km) – Newquen (4km) – Roca (46km) We left Malargue with high spirits and rejuvenated legs after a day of rest, but with extra fleeces to keep us warm for what we expected to be the cold road south.  … Read More